I have collected the following resources with brief commentaries to help you make a case to organisations (employers, universities, anyone) to show them how they can improve their support for LGBT people and to educate those who are not quite sure what the issues are. I’ve grouped them under questions and also suggested how they might be used or have been used. I’ve also tried to source some of the research that is quoted, but which is rarely referenced. Much of the research comes from the US, but my feeling that there are enough similarities in work culture between the US and the UK for that research to be helpful. And some of it directly applicable to organisations that are multinational in recruitment if not in operations. If there is anything you think should be added or amended, please let me know


What’s the coming out at work problem?

John Browne’s ‘The Glass Closet: why coming out is good business’; WH Allen. London 2015, is a very good study of not only the personal journey of a top executive forced to come out but also some very good insights of executives who choose to stay in the closet and those who are out.

‘LGBT Diversity: Show Me The Business Case’ – is probably the largest survey looking at different countries and ‘coming out rates’ and also suggested the costs of to organisations of people staying in the closet. Good for evidence of how many people stay in the closet at work.

Forbes is a US magazine that often covers LGBT issues. How to come out at work; lessons for LGBT leadership is a good summary of the key issues



What’s the advantage to an organisation of LGBT people being out at work? (ie the business case)

Stonewall’s Peak Performance: Gay People and Productivity is still probably the best piece of research in this area. A really good starting point if you are aiming to make your organisation takes the support and development of LGBT people seriously

This Guardian article We need to do more to keep LGBT employees returning to the closet sums up some key arguments. A companion piece about how to overcome challenges in the work place quotes a % of people not out at work, but sadly there is no reference to the source research.

The Daily Telegraph article, the Benefits of Being Out is a good overview of the experiences of LGBT executives; good for case studies.


The student experience

The National Union of Students published Education Beyond the Straight and Narrow which looks at the experiences of LGBT students on campus covering issues such as safety, mental health and broad experiences of Trans* students.

Another excellent report based on qualitative and quantitative research is Sheffield Hallam’s From Freshers to Finals by Eleanor Formby.


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Sean October 2018.