The name of my website is a bit ‘in your face’. But I liked it as it was eye-catching and the market research feedback was really positive. If you’re a firefighter, it has a different meaning…..Anyway, the point is that I’m not demanding that LGBT people come out now, immediately, whatever your role or occupation, or whoever your customers, clients or patients are. I do believe coming out at work is something to aspire to, but in your own time, and for your own reasons. It’s complicated, nuanced and needs thought.

How can I help?

I speak at conferences, run workshops for students, employers and professional associations and write articles. See News to find out what I’ve been doing and suggestions on each page as to how I can work with you and your organisation to ensure LGBT people  can be the best they can be at work. I am also a qualified Executive coach – see my website for more details.

Over the years as a Director of University Careers Services, working with employers, Stonewall and chairing LGBT Staff Networks I have accumulated knowledge and experience which I am keen to disseminate to a wider audience. I set up a mentoring scheme for the University of Birmingham in 2012 matching LGBT students with ‘out’ employers in a range of occupations in Birmingham. As far as we know, it is unique in the UK. See About Me to find out about my background.


What’s this website for?

This is a not-for-profit resource for anyone and any organisation who wants to improve the lot of LGBTQ+ people at work.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people are happier, more efficient and more fulfilled if they are ‘out’ at work. Hiding who you are is stressful and the lurking thought of being found out and constantly having to filter what you say isn’t helpful. But coming out is complicated: it’s about timing, being clear about your reasons and managing your various identities at home, socially and at work. For many of us, it’s not about a dramatic coming out, but not hiding our identity. 

Who’s it for?

Universities who wish to set up their own mentoring scheme or support their LGBT students’ employability in other ways.
Employers who wish to recruit, retain and promote the best staff they can and employees who wish to be open, happy and fulfilled.
– Students who want to make the best employment choices and applications possible

Anyone who wishes to:

– help LGBT people see the benefits of coming out at work,
– develop strategies and confidence in coming out in their first job,
– build confidence moving into management and leadership roles

For information about my fees, look at the About Me page.

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