The University of Birmingham is running a four-year LGBT Inclusive Curriculum Project aimed at making the curriculum (both content and delivery) more accessible to LGBTQ students. A major survey of staff and students about their experiences of LGBT issues both in the content and the delivery of the curriculum across the university. This informed a Toolkit which contains advice and case studies.

My consultancy work is focussed on reviewing the university’s courses for academics and postgraduates who teach to ensure LGBT inclusivity.

A second international conference is planned in September 2017.


Allies and ambassadors

In addition I am helping to develop an embedded and sustainable scheme to encourage LGBTQ staff and their straight allies to be visible advocates for LGBT staff and students. The focus in 2017 is to identify, train and appoint academic staff in each major discipline to be a pint of advice and support for LGBT students.



I have run bespoke careers sessions for LGBTQ students at various universities covering: choosing an occupation; choosing and organisation; applications and interviews and the first year in post. I have spoken at various conferences, see News, about recruiting, inducting, retaining and developing LGBT staff. Please let me know if you would like me to run workshops for your staff on any of these areas.