Bath Spa University – February 5th – the LGBTQ Inclusive Curriculum

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I ran a workshop for staff, students and external visitors as part of Bath Spa’s extensive LGBT History Month programme. It was entitled ‘Towards an LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum’ and drew on┬áthe University of Birmingham’s project of this name. See the Universities page for more information

There were about 30 participants from a range of disciplines and equality and diversity roles as well as activists form the LGB and especially T communities. I covered the main aspects of the Birmingham project which included:

  • the results of the survey of staff and students which asked them about their experiences and views of the content and delivery of the curriculum at Birmingham
  • the Allies and Advocates schemes currently being developed
  • the optional LGBTQ module being offered to all 1st year undergraduates
  • making the training courses for postgraduates who teach more LGBTQ-inclusive

If you’d like my slides, do contact me.