University of Birmingham Medical School – Education For Health Professionals – May 2019

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Medical and Dental Students go on placement during their courses to hospitals, clinics, GP surgeries, physios. I ran two sessions for medical professionals who receive such students who are studying for the Education for the¬†Health Professionals Qualification¬†¬†. It is validated by the Higher Education Academy and leads to Fellowship. I’m a Senior Fellow, so it’s great to be teaching on the course.

I ran two workshops looking at the LGBT Inclusive Curriculum Project at Birmingham on which I worked as a consultant. The focus was on how to make medical professionals’ teaching more inclusive to benefit LGBTQ medical students.

The workshop covered:

  • an introduction to LGBTQ issues in general
  • the principles of an inclusive curriculum
  • curriculum content and also teaching methods and the hidden curriculum
  • how to affect change
  • focus on modest changes participants could put into effect.

We also look at how some of our discussions and learnings could be applied to treating LGBTQ patients.