LGBT History Month Events: LGBT Bingo and ‘Pride Not Prejudice’ writing

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These to events show the range of events going on at the University of Birmingham this year.

  • LGBTQ Bingo: very chuffed to be asked to m/c a gentle and fun review of the the various terms and initials currently in use. A great format which allowed people to be open about what they don’t know or are uncertain of. Set th scene for a discussion about pronouns, the way language and terminology continues to evolve.


  • The College of Arts and Law has been running regular events for their LGBTQ students starting at the beginning of term for new students in Welcome Week. ‘Pride not Prejudice’ focussed on the written word: published, unpublished and personal. Like everyone else, I had been clearing and tidying and I found my coming out letter to my mother dating back to 1978 which I don’t think I’d seen since then. It was great to have the opportunity to read it out in such a safe space. I was pretty pleased with the balance of being gently assertive and also recognising it was potentially tough for my mum. My regret was that I didn’t address it to my dad too and that in later years I didn’t really talk to them about my life as a gay man. It’s tough enough being a parent.