University of Birmingham LGBT Mentoring Scheme Launch October 17th 2017

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The 6th year of the LGBT Mentoring Scheme¬†launched last night with a record number of 25 University of Birmingham students and mentors from occupations across the city including engineering, charities, accountancy, law, academics, local authorities and training. Mentors identified themselves as gay man, lesbian, bisexual woman trans man, non – binary, so a really wide range of people for students to talk to and learn from. After introductions to the scheme and introductions from the mentors, students had the opportunity to ‘speed mentor’ with four different mentors to rehearse the mentoring process and to help them select who they would like to be matched with.¬† For further details of the scheme, check out the website above, the separate page on this website, or contact me. Applications are open until 5th November.