University of Worcester – All staff briefing – May 2019

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I ran a 3 hour workshop for academic and non-academic staff  from a wide range of roles. A really good example of close co-operation between the Students’ Union – who came up with the idea – and the university’s Staff Development team.

The workshop consisted of:

  • a brief history of LGBTQ equality to set the scene
  • a guide to LGBTQ terminology and why trans* is different!
  • a review of recent surveys and research which indicates that (a) LGBTQ students are more likely to do less well and (b) still wary of coming out at university and in their jobs on graduation
  • some anonymised case studies which gave an insight into issues such as: intersectionality, being out in some contexts but not others, and minority stress
  • devising action-plans to enhance the inclusivity and fulfilment of LGBTQ students throughout their life-cycle from application to graduation