Westminster Briefing: Supporting LGBT+ People in the Workplace – Oct 19th 2017

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A great range of participants from: travel, housing associations, government, charities, local councils, the police, education, defence and training. My session focussed on the experience of new graduates and their expectations of employers. Some of the issues covered included:

  • the role of middle managers in implementing LGBT+ inclusivity
  • the importance of matching everyday practice to the recruitment branding and hype
  • the key elements of a successful LGBT+ Staff Network
  • the importance of mentoring in developing employees
  • examining the key stagesĀ  of: recruitment, induction, retention, progression and exit through the LGBT+ lens

Other topics and key questions during the day were:

  • Building a business case for staff networks: citing policies, the importance of metrics, getting leaders on board, reverse mentoring and intersectionality
  • Trans* case studies and the current situation regarding the law and differences between T and LGB issues
  • Overview of current legislation pertaining to: direct and indirect discrimination, harassment, victimisation and ‘inequality of outcome as a result of treating everybody the same’.

Please contact me for further discussion of these and other topics.